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Ovrflo65 client goes viral in a matter of days.

One of our Ovrflo65 clients went viral in a matter of days.

Buffer Insurance was founded with the vision that the most meaningful impact they make is in the lives of others. Protecting others and ensuring their future impact is the highest priority at Buffer. Buffer Insurance educates business owners and human resource professionals on ways to protect their vision and assists seniors transitioning to Medicare by finding coverages that will protect their future. It’s easy to see employee benefits as an obstacle, not an opportunity. But Buffer’s here to change the way people think about employee benefits and Medicare.



Using our OVRFLO consulting process, we worked with the Buffer team to help them uncover their purpose, unify their team, and energize their brand.


After completing this process, we began implementing our real-world strategy that will bring in customers and increase revenue. As a result, Buffer was no longer an insurance company. They were now an impact company. We infused this energy and messaging into sales decks, social media, email campaigns, and event collateral.