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The Impact of Combining Faith and Business

Ovrflo65™ was born from a Christian-led company. We believe that Christian entrepreneurs and executives have a unique opportunity to experience Kingdom impact in and through their companies. Every company has a different preference on how overtly they will integrate faith into their conversations with their employees and customers, and Ovrflo65™ helps you find the perfect balance for your organization.

Most Christians understand and believe that God has a purpose for our lives that is aligned with His will on earth and in Heaven. We call that Kingdom purpose.

However, many Christian business owners treat their faith as if it is entirely unrelated to their company purpose. I know this first hand from my own struggle of integrating my faith into my business. Ovrflo65™ is all about bringing faith and business together. God has Kingdom purpose for you AND wants to work in and through your business for His Kingdom.

When you combine Kingdom purpose and company purpose, it creates Kingdom impact and improves business performance. It works because people are wired to work for something more meaningful than money. It works because God is the one that wired them that way. God cares more about our business than we do.  When people experience meaning and purpose in their jobs, their engagement increases, and that raises their performance level, and helps the company achieve its vision.

God’s purpose is all about transforming and impacting the lives of others. Identifying how your company creates that type of impact for your team, your customers and the community is a critical step in the Ovrflo65™ process. We uncover your unique company purpose and help you see  how it ties back to God’s purpose. Then we help you decide how much of the Kingdom story you want to integrate into your company messaging and culture.

For example, one of our clients is an egg roll manufacturer. The company was founded by an immigrant family who overcame all obstacles to fulfill their American dream story together. Before Ovrflo65™, their brand messaging focused on the quality of their product. Ovrflo65™ helped focus their internal and external communication on their WHY story and how they’ve inspired and impacted millions of people over the years.

Their purpose and story are more powerful and memorable than only talking about the quality of their product. The quality of their product is important, but it’s their values and love for people that drive them to provide a high quality product. Great products lead to creating long term customers who are raving fans. That leads to sustainable jobs and income for their ‘underdog’ employees that many companies ignore.

Now take it even further by knowing that the founding family are Christians, and that they want to honor God in how they steward the business. They have created a culture that includes prayer before meetings, devotionals, donations to Christ-centered charities, chaplains on site in the facilities and much more. They are seeing Kingdom impact by creating an environment where the Kingdom is present. That leads to people who are even more bought into the vision and pursue more ways to perform at higher levels to achieve it together.

They choose to not talk heavily about their faith in their public-facing marketing channels, although some of our clients do. That’s the part where each client gets to decide how to balance how their faith story is told and demonstrated. Some business owners just keep their faith to themselves. Some share their faith openly and integrate it in their purpose, vision and values for their whole company to experience. Some include it in their external brand and marketing as well. There’s no right or wrong way to do it as long as you are being obedient to what God is calling you to do in how you lead the organization.

This combination of faith and business may be an uncomfortable concept for some. That’s why we spend time talking through that tension in our process to help you decide what is the best balance for your organization. The amazing thing about purpose is that whether you talk about faith as the source of it, or just leave it at how you are impacting lives through your organization, it still inspires people to buy in and buy from your organization.

Being a purpose-led company is actually not a new idea. Secular authors, such as Simon Sinek, have been helping the business world experience the power of purpose for over a decade. There is proven data that purpose-led companies have lower turnover and have higher employee engagement. They also have more loyal customers who stay with the brand for the long haul.

Ovrflo65™ not only builds brands and cultures on the purpose-led principle, but has the unique perspective of taking it deeper to the Kingdom purpose that God has designed in us all. I believe that all Christian business owners should do whatever it takes to surrender their business to God, and experience how He wants to build His relationship with you through your role as a business leader.

For nearly two decades, I led our agency without an intentional desire or strategy to transform the lives of our team in a meaningful way. When I discovered how God could use me to impact people for His kingdom through my business, it changed my life. He revealed a vision of creating transformational relationships instead of transactional ones, and the more I took steps of faith to invest in others, the more the vision became reality.

I had to decide how much of that I would share with my employees and customers. Over time, I realized that the more I shared about it, the more it attracted others to our company. What I had reservations about initially, ended up making our work way more meaningful to me, our employees and our customers. I felt like God was telling me to make things more Kingdom focused so I began adding more faith-oriented purpose and practices into our company.

Ultimately, my exploration through that journey is what led us to discover and create the Ovrflo65™ process. After all I have learned and experienced, there’s still nothing more meaningful to me than helping our staff and our clients understand how God created them with a unique purpose. I want to help them experience how their faith, when integrated into their business model appropriately, can lead to improved business performance and eternal impact at the same time.